P-Series Probes

P-Series portable ultrasound probes

Sigma P5 and Lambda P9

The Sigma P5 Ultrasound offers superior imaging for multiple applications in Point Of Care, Musculoskeletal, Cardiovascular, and general imaging. The Lambda P9 Ultrasound is a fully functional cardiovascular echo system.

A selection of probes for various applications

High Frequency Linear Probe (15L5V)

  • MSK, Vascular, and Small Parts applications
  • High definition, broadband probe.
  • Range: 15-5MHz
  • Center Frequency: 10 MHz
  • 192 Elements

Convex array probe (2C5V)

  • Abdominal, OB/GYN, and MSK applications
  • Center frequency: 3.5 MHz
  • FOV (max): 60°, Convex radius 60mm

9-3 micro-convex probe

Phased array probe (2P4V)

  • Cardiac applications
  • Center frequency: 3 MHz
  • FOV (max): 90°

Endo-Cavity (4EC9V)

  • OB/GYN and Prostate applications
  • Center frequency: 6.5MHz
  • FOV: 150.4°

Linear array probe (12L5V)

  • MSK, Vascular and Small Parts applications
  • Center frequency: 7.5MHz
  • FOV: 38mm

Pediatric heart probe

  • Pediatric cardiac applications
  • Center frequency: 5.5MHz
  • FOV: 90°

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