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Whale Imaging is seeking talented and hardworking individuals to join our expanding, innovative team.

At Whale Imaging, we’re focused on providing our customers across the globe with revolutionary imaging technology at competitive prices. To achieve our mission, we rely on a first-class team of dedicated individuals. If you’re interested in a career with Whale, view our open positions below. We look forward to working with you.


Our Team:

With the efforts from our world-class team, Whale is successfully building our position as a significant medical imaging device manufacturer.

The Leadership Team at Whale has worked with many renowned global corporations. Their management strategy comes from decades of international experience, and incorporates a unique blend of styles. This approach allows Whale to adapt to the challenges of a global economy more quickly and decisively than our competitors.

We take great pride in our Team because we understand that they are the building blocks to our company’s future. Each member of our workforce is carefully selected and trained as part of our Quality Management philosophy.

Whale has an ambitious growth plan, and are confident that we will meet the challenges ahead, delivering continued value to our shareholders and customers around the world. Contact Whale today if you’re interested in joining our team.


Join Whale:

Whale is an Equal Opportunity Employer that offers competitive salaries, comprehensive medical and dental insurance, 401K benefits, and a number of other benefits to our employees. For all job-related inquiries, please contact us via email at careers@whaleimaging.org