G-Arm® GXi 2

with X-Beam® biplanar technology.

A new paradigm in surgical imaging

The G-Arm model GXi 2 has all the benefits of GXi 1 but additionally has large tracking wheels of extra maneuverability and dual laser aiming devices for easier procedural setup. GXi 2 is also available with the full suite of GXi Advantage feature options of biplanar view, X-Beam and iC-Clear. Learn more here

With G-Arm GXi 2 the surgeon no longer has the challenge of shifting between AP and lateral views and can confidently perform the procedure more accurately and in less time than ever before.

For surgeons and hospitals these features provide you with process improvement benefits, including better procedure outcomes and greater confidence.

  • Reduced time: Faster placement due to live twin plane views decreases time lost moving the arm and repositioning between AP and lateral views.
  • Greater accuracy: X-beam and biplanar technology enables better precision. Better placement makes revision less likely.
  • Lower dose: Fewer corrective exposures and reduced procedure time means cumulative radiation can be minimized for patient and staff.
  • Less infection risk: Eliminating the need to alternate the detector plane decreases disruption of the sterile field.

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