Technical Specifications

General Specifications Including Options

Dimensions & Weight

-Length: 390 mm (15.3 in)

-Width: 320 mm (12.6 in)

-Height: 70 mm (2.7 in)

-Weight: 6.35 kg (14 lbs)


Electrical Power

-Input Power: 100-240 V

-Input Current: <2 amps

-Lithium Ion 129 Wh Battery

-3-hour Battery endurance


Operating Environment

-Ambient Temperature: – 20°C to 55°C (- 4°F ~ 131°F)

-Relative Humidity: 30% to 85% (no condensation)

-Atmospheric Pressure: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa


Console Design

-High-Resolution Display

-Control Panel

-Carry Handle

-Transducer Port & Locking Lever


System Configuration

-Sigma P9 Ultrasound System


-Carrying Case Handle


-ECG (*Optional)

-Needle-Guided Brackets (*Optional)


Inputs & Outputs

Main Unit

-Transducer Port

-I/O Extend Port

-Power Input Port/Power Adapter

-2 USB3 Ports

-VGA Port

-Ethernet Port

-ECG Port

-S-Video: Separate Video Output



Mobile System Cart

-3 Transducer Ports

-I/O Port

-Trolley Storage Tray

-Wireless-LAN Adapter


Peripheral Equipment

-Sony B/W Printer


User Interface

Display Screen

-15” LCD, High-Res. (1024 x 768)

Control Panel

-Alphanumeric & Function Keys

-Navigation Rotary Knob

-6 Segment TGC

-Power/Battery Indicator-Trackball

System Overview



-Small Parts






-Peripheral Vessels



-Emergency Medicine







Imaging Modes



-CFM (Color)


-TVI (Tissue Velocity Imaging)



-TVD (Tissue Velocity Doppler)

-AMM (Anatomical M Mode)

-Real-Time Panoramic View

-Power Angio


Transducer Type

-Linear Array

-Convex Array

-Phased Array

-EKG cables


Imaging Technology

Imaging Features

-Software-Defined Ultrasound (SDU)

-Floating Point All Digital Beamforming Technology

-Point-by-Point Dynamic Focus Beaming

-Adaptive Broadband Imaging

-OmniView Spatial Compounding

-Lossless Grayscale Conversion

-Tissue Harmonic Imaging

-Linear Steering

-Trapezoid Imaging

-Real-Time Panoramic View

-Adaptive Speckle Suppression

-Motion Adaptive Persistence

-Auto Optimization

-Wideband Harmonics (Pulse Inversion)

-Discreet Fourier Transform Spectrum Processing (DFT)


Intuitive Workflow

-Thumbnail Images: Display Images are Saved During Live Scanning

-Menus and Active Parameter Adjustments

-Reports: Edit & Preview Function

-Backlight Indication

-Hot-Plug for Transducer

-Auto Power Save

-Boot Time: 20 seconds


Imaging Display

-Zoom (8x Magnification)

-Split Screen