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Head and Neck (Otolaryngology)

Superior image quality, a wide range of functions and presets, and a logical rapid use workflow are the features that Head and Neck surgeons told us they wanted. We created the compact Sigma P5 portable ultrasound system to suit those needs. Powerful imaging and a wide range of user friendly applications allow you to use the system intuitively so that you can focus on the procedure such as ultrasound examination of Salivary glands, Lymph nodes, Congenital lesions, Mass lesions or Endocrine glands.


A wide range of customizable application presets are specific to the required procedure (for example“salivary”,“lymph”so the system can be used immediately with the settings already optimized for that procedure.

Whale’s unique TipViz needle visualization enhancement algorithms help guide easier and more confident injections.  Injections are localized more effectively with good resolution and clear visualization of the needle tip.

Versatile broadband array probes allow multiple procedures and applications to be performed with a minimal selection of probes. The high frequency linear 15L5 192 element transducer is particularly effective in the very near field, for example when looking at salivary gland tumors in the superficial lobe.

The multi-probe port cart allows probes to be easily switched where required and height is easily and quickly user adjusted. Long battery life allows the system to be moved easily around rooms, ward and OR.

The P5 is a pleasure to use. One button onboard Help function allows you to easily get additional information and guidance when you need it while iTouch automatically optimizes the image while you scan.

Advanced imaging features such as tissue harmonics, compound imaging, contrast enhancement and speckle reduction help to ensure image quality is crisp, clear and optimized.