The G-Arm Duo Advantage

Confidence in outcomes

The G-Arm is designed to improve user confidence and patient outcomes in areas such as orthopedics, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, trauma, and pain management. Providing unprecedented capability and control, G-Arm aims to improve your surgical experience.

For clinicians and hospitals, Whale’s product development focus is to create potential benefits based on process improvements, better procedures, and greater confidence.

Key Focus:

Reducing Dose

Fewer corrective exposures may mean cumulative radiation can be minimized for patient and staff.


Improving Procedure Time

Live twin plane views may speed placement and decrease time lost moving the arm and repositioning between AP and lateral views.

Increasing Accuracy

X-Beam technology aims to provide better precision. Better placement can make revision less likely.


Minimizing Risk of Infection

Eliminating the need to change the detector placement may help decrease disruption to the sterile field.


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