The G-Arm® Advantage

Confidence in outcomes

G-Arm offers a combination of features we call the G-Arm Advantage. This game-changing combination of features is designed with the aim of improving user confidence and patient outcomes in areas such as orthopedics, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, trauma, and pain management.

  • G-arm MultiScan G-arm System’s biplanar capability provides you with unprecedented capability and control.
  • X-Beam Live twin simultaneous view up to 25 frames per second on each monitor gives you optimized speed and accuracy.
  • iC-Clear Real time image processing allows you exceptional image clarity and procedural confidence.

For surgeons and hospitals these features aim to provide process improvement benefits, including better procedure outcomes and greater confidence.

  • Reduced time: Faster placement due to live twin plane views decreases time lost moving the arm and repositioning between AP and lateral views.
  • Greater accuracy: X-beam and biplanar technology enables better precision. Better placement makes revision less likely.
  • Lower dose: Fewer corrective exposures and reduced procedure time means cumulative radiation can be minimized for patient and staff.
  • Less infection risk: Eliminating the need to alternate the detector plane decreases disruption of the sterile field.

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Watch this short video to see the main benefits of G-Arm.