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The G-Arm Advantage

Confidence in outcomes

The G-Arm is designed to improve user confidence and patient outcomes in areas such as orthopedics, spinal surgery, neurosurgery, trauma, and pain management. Providing unprecedented capability and control, G-Arm aims to improve your surgical experience.

For clinicians and hospitals, Whale’s product development focus is to create potential benefits based around process improvements, better procedures and greater confidence. Our key general aims are:

Reducing Dose

Fewer corrective exposures may mean cumulative radiation can be minimized for patient and staff.

Improving Procedure Time

Live twin plane views may speed placement and decrease time lost moving the arm and repositioning between AP and lateral views.

Increasing Accuracy

X-Beam technology aims to provide better precision. Better placement can make revision less likely.

Minimizing Risk of Infection

Eliminating the need to change the detector placement may help decrease disruption to the sterile field.


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Live images in two planes

With G-Arm the challenge of shifting between AP and lateral views is eliminated and enhanced by the X-Beam advanced digital platform so the procedure can be performed more efficiently. 

This unique system architecture allows both AP and lateral anatomy to be viewed as high frequency images for both planes live and simultaneously.

Right and left monitor views are real time, giving you unprecedented ability to carry out the procedure quickly and confidently.

Whale’s proprietary X-Beam technology uses advanced algorithms and system architecture to achieve asynchronous high frequency pulsed imaging in each plane without beam interference. 


Advanced algorithms for exceptional images

iC-Clear imaging suite consists of seven powerful real time image processing functions intended to maximize image performance.

Proprietary algorithms optimize contrast and reduce noise using less power and potentially lower dose for the safety of operators and patients. Our high-end platform allows anatomy to be visualized clearly. A lower cumulative dose requirement reduces the need for generators with excessive power ratings.

Optimized Workflow

Designed for the innovative surgeon

Whether in OR or any other fast-paced setting, G-Arm’s ergonomics are optimized for ease of use.

Featuring motorized rotation in both orbital and axial directions, the G-Arm captures the desired angle for each image. This increased range of motion also enables the G-Arm to work with all surgical tables.

Smooth motorized movements can be operated directly or remotely for rotation, height settings, and SID distance to give a comprehensive range of agility with minimal effort and reduced disruption to the sterile field.

High Definition bright 19” monitors have 270 degrees freedom of movement so they can be viewed from many positions.

An intuitive console touch screen combined with anatomic presets supports simplified workflow and improved productivity. Function selection, image manipulation and patient retrieval are easily accessible and straightforward.

Our dual laser positioning system aids in aligning the target area for advanced clinical precision.

All of this, combined with the unique bi-plane X-Beam view and advanced algorithms, produce a fast and efficient user experience.

Economic and Process Improvements

A smart investment

At Whale, we develop products with the objective of helping surgeons and administrators achieve greater efficiencies through process improvement. By utilizing time and optimizing procedures more effectively, procedural costs can be reduced. In today’s evolving healthcare environment this can be a significant factor in achieving operational advantage and maximizing OR efficiencies. “Faster, safer, easier” is our mantra.

Comprehensive Data Management

Seamless communication and storage

In today’s highly integrated hospital communications environment, it is important to be able to transfer data effectively and securely. G-Arm has several options.

G-Arm’s DICOM 3.0 compliant interface connects easily to any hospital network allowing advanced information management of worklist functions. The integrated DICOM viewer allows extensive image manipulation and post processing, such as contrast, brightness, zoom and region of interest.

On-board storage allows up to 100,000 images to be stored in the system for prompt access.

Images can be exported in various formations via USB or LAN. A built-in storage bay allows a video graphic printer to be utilized for photo quality print images.

Complete Care

Comprehensive global and local support

Support for customers is our number one objective at Whale. Paired with our local and global distributor support network, we are available to assist with purchases, training, and technical support.

Technical support

We provide service and preventative maintenance through our national and global network of qualified engineers. Parts are stocked nationally and regionally.

On-site applications support

Experienced technical trainers ensure your team can achieve the maximum benefit from system use. Every G-Arm installation includes comprehensive on-site applications training.