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Best Healthcare of Arizona Deploys bi-plane G-Arm® in their Outpatient Treatment Center

“G-Arm is revolutionizing the way we perform medical procedures” 


Boston, MA (April 11, 2018) – G-Arm® bi-plane surgical imaging system has been successfully installed in Best Healthcare of Arizona outpatient treatment center in Phoenix, AZ and is already providing benefits to doctors and patients.

“We have already performed many procedures using this unique bi-plane imaging system. G-Arm is revolutionizing the way we perform medical procedures”, says Dr. Michael Compton of Best Healthcare of Arizona. “Seeing both image planes simultaneously and not having to change planes, as with a conventional C-arm, helps me focus on the procedure and the patient.”

G-Arm® B6 Duo™, which received FDA 510(k) clearance in 2017, is used for spine surgery, hip trauma, pain management and other orthopedic procedures. Its patented technology improves on commonly used C-arm systems by providing both anteroposterior and lateral views live and simultaneously instead of requiring movement and repositioning of equipment between each plane.

“Our group acquired G-Arm to be the cornerstone of our center, especially for use in pain management procedures”, says Blake Musser, COO of Best Healthcare of Arizona. “The twin plane design configuration allows us to perform more procedures in less time, making use of valuable resources more efficient and cost effective”.

Whale is developing its clinical data in the potential benefit areas of reduced procedural time, reduced radiation dose, greater accuracy, and better infection control. “As a new category of medical device, G-Arm is uniquely positioned to disrupt the status quo in surgical imaging, and hospitals are excited to get their hands on it”, states Benjamin Drouin, Director of Sales at Whale.

Whale Imaging Inc., headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts, is the designer and manufacturer of the unique G-Arm® surgical X-ray system and P-Series portable diagnostic ultrasound systems. G-Arm has been presented with design awards and has featured in various publications and medical conferences. For more information visit www.whaleimaging.com.

Best Healthcare of AZ specializes in pain management, internal medicine, sports medicine, and personal Injury services for patients in the Phoenix area. They can be contacted on (602) 249-0999 and at www.BestHealthcareofAZ.com.





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