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Welcome to the new wave of ultrasound

Whale has a wealth of experience in the design of advanced portable diagnostic ultrasound systems.  

When designing Sigma Series ultrasound systems, our Engineering and R&D Teams focused on creating competitively priced imaging devices with advanced features and first-class image quality.

Whale consistently delivers quality alongside value, because our R&D Team has the exceptional ability to successfully transform hardware functions into software capabilities. This skill is particularly advantageous when designing portable imaging technologies, because it allows our engineers to reduce weight, increase processing speed, and improve energy efficiency. In addition, advanced algorithms allow Sigma Series ultrasound systems to optimize image quality and Doppler sensitivity.

In 2016 Whale Imaging launched its first product in the Sigma Series, the Sigma P5 general ultrasound. In 2007 Whale will release the Sigma P9 Echo, an ultrasound specifically designed for cardiac applications.